Status of Students When Back to School in Person During the Pandemic


Ngan Tran, Staff Reporter

In 2020, the pandemic called COVID-19 broke out in the United States, and everywhere in the world. The COVID-19 came from Wu Han, China. It first broke out in China in 2019 and then it broke out in the Asia continent, and then is everywhere in the world. In 2020, the pandemic broke out very quickly in the US and it made American workers unemployed. Schools are also closed so students need to start with distance learning. 

Students at Andrew Hill High School

Up to now, the pandemic has broken out in the US for more than 1 year, but the US has found a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 and the vaccinated population in the US has also increased a lot. The number of infections in the US has been significantly reduced but now there is a new variant of COVID-19 and it is called Delta. In recent times the variant has spread very quickly, but because it has been vaccinated, the US has decided not to return to a nationwide quarantine. For example, in San Jose, California, schools have been reopened. Andrew Hill High School in San Jose, California has been reopened for more than 6 weeks, although the number of infections in California is increasing significantly, the state and schools still decide not to close. Every day, students going to school are required to wear a mask at all times and everywhere in school and they have to wash their hands frequently. Of course, you must wear a mask even during PE class.

In the classroom, teachers, and students both need to wear masks. Every time a student needs a drink or needs to take off their mask to feel better, they need to go outside. When outside, students have the choice to wear a mask or not because the air outside is airier. But because the number of students at the school is very large, the school encourages students to wear masks whether inside or outside. There are many students who say that going to school during the pandemic is very tiring because they need to wear a mask all the time and do a lot of homework. 

Joyce said “Back to school in person is good because if we have trouble with the homework, we can ask the teacher right in class quickly, but back to school in person during the quarantine it’s kinda scary because we have to sit near to  each other, and sometimes, there are many students bring their mask down in class and it made me worried about my health”.

Students in class

But there are a few students who said that going back to school in person is better than distance learning. 

For example, Hieu said “It’s good and better than distance learning, because I have a difficult time dealing with distance learning and I can’t understand what the teacher is talking about during online classes”.

Of course, there will be some mixed opinions about going back to school in person, but almost 70% of students at school want to go back to distance learning because it’s safer. 

Mrs. Saucedo said “ Back to school in person is not safe but it’s somewhat safe. Even though we wear masks and wash our hands often, it doesn’t provide 100% protection, so it’s only somewhat safe”.

A lot of people want to go back to learning on Zoom because going to school in a crowded environment with a few infected people makes them very stressed and worried. Angela said “It’s kinda strange because we are still in a quarantine but there are many students that are closer to each other, and it’s really scary”. This has greatly reduced the productivity and learning efficiency of students. There are many students and their parents who want the school to reduce the amount of homework so that students have enough time to rest and do not see studying as a burden. Of course, learning is something that helps students gain knowledge and learn more interesting and new things, not a burden on students’ shoulders.

In short, schools should find ways to deal with the problem of pressure for students so that they can go to school in a better state, not go to school in a state of fatigue and pressure. And of course schools have to figure out how to make students feel safe coming to school every day during this pandemic.

By Ngan Tran