How Office Hours Benefit You


Uyen Le, Staff Reporter

Throughout the year, we will have office hours on every Thursday after school. On this day, the schedule will be changed. The school will reduce the class time by starting later and ending earlier than the other days in order to have time for the office hours. It usually lasts for about one hours from 2:30 p.m to 3:30 p.m, so you shouldn’t miss it because it will have a huge impact on your school life and your grades.

The first and foremost reason students go to office hours is to get help from the teachers. Most of us can not always immediately understand everything we learn in class every day right away. Sometimes, we will be stuck and struggling with it. Even though we tried many times, we still could not figure it out. We want to meet our teacher to ask for help, but we don’t know if they are able to meet you or not. That’s when office hours become useful. We can come to meet them in the office hours without making any appointments because the teacher will be in their classroom and wait for you to come during this time. For the one who is introverted, it’s a great chance for them to overcome their obstacles.

People with introverted personalities rarely ask for help during class time if they have questions or don’t understand anything because they are too shy to do that. They will just keep their questions inside their head and try to find the answers by themselves. Now, instead of solving the problems by themselves, they can go and ask their teachers for help during office hours. You will have a chance to talk to them privately, so you will not feel shy anymore. In addition, office hours can help you build a relationship with the teachers. By going to the office hours, you and your teachers will get to know each other. If you work to maintain the relationship, you might find that you will have more opportunities to improve yourself and your academy. When you get closer to them, you will feel free to talk to them about your problems. In conclusion, if you have time, you should come to the office hours.

Students during Office hours.

I have interviewed some students at Andrew P. Hill High School about office hours to know what people actually think about it.

“To me, office hours is one of the most important things that each student should know about it and how it works. I’m the one that does not easily understand everything immediately in the class, so office hours are a great chance for me to come and ask questions.” – Ngan Huynh, a senior at Andrew P. Hill High School

“Office hours is one of the things that I like about this school. I have come to office hours several times to get help on my assignments. Also, sometimes, some teachers will provide extra credits for the one who comes to their office hours, so I never missed it because it will help improve my grades.” – Ngan Tran, a junior at Andrew P. Hill High School

“I have heard many people talk about office hours, and I know what it means. Office hours are the time that we can come and ask the teachers anything about class, assignments or school. I went there a few times to get help on my assignments or ask for advice. However, it didn’t help me too much. Mostly I have to solve it by  myself or ask my friends to help me.” – Nghi Phuong, an alumni of Andrew P. Hill High School


By Uyen Le