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Ngan Tran , Staff Reporter

Monday October 11th, there was a branch of a tree that fell off in front of room 408 at Andrew P. Hill High School. Luckily, no one was injured. Ms. Pineres, the principal’s secretary and Mr. Rodney Satsatin, the Night Custodian witnessed this situation.

The branch of a tree fell off in front of room 408 at Andrew P. Hill High School.

Mrs. Pineres said “ When I stepped out of room 411, and I heard a loud noise…the branches of the tree cracked and I smelled the wood all around ”.                        

 According to Mr. Satsatin’s statement, the tree branch fell off because of the wind. The strength of the wind today is about 20 to 25 mph. The person in charge of cleaning up is the gardener. The school gardener’s name is Mr. Tony Quintero. He will clean it up by chainsawing the branch into smaller pieces, and then put it inside the blue bin. 

Mr. Quintero said “ The tree will probably be cut down. Anything taller than 14ft, the silt got district will take care of.  Anything shorter than 14ft, the school gardener will take care of ”.

The man is putting warning tape around the broken branch so students don’t go near it.

Mr. Satsatin actually doesn’t know what kind of tree. He joked that it was maybe the tree of heaven. Right now, the trees are not safe at all, so he advised that students should be careful while walking under the trees, especially during this windy day.

Mrs. Adhikari said “ I’m glad it happened after school and that no one was hurt ”.

The branch of the tree that fell off.

by Ngan Tran