ELD Bio and Chem Go to The Monterey Bay Aquarium


On January 16, fifty ELD 1 and 2 students were selected to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as part of a culminating field trip for their biology and chemistry classes.  On their return students took time to reflect and write about their experience.


“A[n] interesting experience I had at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was when we could to see the differents sizes of jellyfish. Some Jellyfish were very tiny and others so big. In my opinion my favorite part was when I saw differents colors of fishes, some fishes looked the same that the Nemo Movie. In a part of the route was about the importance of environment because for the turtles, survival at sea is tricky. It’s more recommendable [to] communicate to people not contaminate the sea because some marine animals are danger of extinction. Finally, The Aquarium was a [good] experience because we could to identify information about what’s up in the sea and how do they survive.”

– Danna M. D. (ELD 2)


“[At] the Aquarium Monterey Bay I saw many fish so weird… I saw in real life at an aquarium [was] the fish in the film “Finding Nemo” this time I want to say: “OMG Nemo is real” because I don’t think Nemo is real and just a character created by the director.”

– Chau T. (ELD 2)


“In the field trip at Monterey Bay Aquarium, there have a lot of fish. The first area I went to was the “Kelp Forest”. [They] have a lot of fish like Leo Shark and rockfish and I saw a big rockfish. I really like this big rockfish. It awesome. The next one is the Deep of the Ocean area. There have a king crab and shrimp, and a big eel like a snake. I very like this field trip, this help me learn more about the Ocean.”

– Minh Thien V. (ELD 2)


“That’s field trip very interesting and amazing… In there, have a lot of animal I didn’t know and have [signs with] information about that animal. I very like sea otters because they very cute and like a baby in the water. They played with the guide and have a person [presenting] about sea otter. In aquarium, I saw Dory and Nemo fish as in the cartoon. I saw a lot of penguins but I wonder how can they live in warm temperature? And I had a lot of beautiful pictures with my friends. I think that place very helpful for me to have more knowledge about animals. I will introduction for my parents and friends to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

– Thao D. (ELD 2)


“I saw a lot of rare, beautiful and strange sea creatures that [I] never have a chance to see anywhere else, such as l fish species. I also saw many kinds of fish, some fish they live together, for instance, pacific sardine jellyfish and moon jelly. The first time I saw sharks, I was impressed, they were so huge. I thought the sharks were dangerous but they were kind of friendly to me. The otters were very cute and smart as well. They even knew how to massage their faces and they did backward swimming really well. The staffs gave the otters chicken skin and shrimp for meal. When I saw penguins, I was surprised and I wondered why penguins could live here. I always thought it had to live in a cold place but then the staff explained to me that the inside was very cold, so penguins can survive without any problems. I am very upset because I have to go home and I no longer see beautiful fish and cute turtles. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I learned a lot about how the fish live and what food they ate.”

– Trinh T. (ELD 2)


“One the [best] experiences I [had] in the Monterey Bay Aquarium was when we went to the pool, when we can touch… animals of  the Ocean. Monterey Aquarium is so beautiful, this place have so many place and things very important for to learn about that life of the ocean animals. But also I learn how animals live and how important it is to keep the garbage in its correct place because, it has learned the damage that the garbage causes to the animals of the Ocean when the garbage reaches the center of the Ocean. I can also look at many animals such as turtles and fish of different types and some other animals that [I have] never seen and I learn about them.  I also learned together with my friend and teacher of many animals and I also had a very fun day learning and discovering many about the animals. And I have a very nice memory of a walk with my friend and teacher to a beautiful place were I learn and discovered many interesting thing together.”

– Rocio G. G. (ELD 2)


“There was… a lot of kinds fish like Shark, Mola Mola, Coastal Waters,… Also had a lot of animals like Turtle, Penguin, Sea Otter, JellyFish, Star, Octopus, and have all information about that animal. I was excited to see animals that lived in the sea and I saw Nemo and Dory in the cartoon that I used to watch. I was extremely excited when there were so many beautiful scenes there. My friends and me took a lot of photos to make memories. Of all the animals I visited, I liked Sea Otter the most because they really cute and also they play with the guide. This is the place that is worth visiting because we can learn and know more about animals live in water.”

– Nhi L. (ELD 2)


“Monterey bay  is an interesting trip. There are so many beautiful fish there. There  are animals that have never seen before as sharks, turtles, dolphins, sea creatures…

The sea there is also very beautiful. It was my first time watching the sea in America.”

– Thua T. (ELD 2)


“When we arrived to Monterey Bay Aquarium we saw a lot of fish, there was a fish that seemed to be dead, then Elizabeth and I got worried and when I touched the glass of the fish tank the fish started to move. Then we went to a pool where we could touch stingrays. Then it was very deep and nobody could touch them and we wet our arms, but in the end we could feel a stingray and felt very soft. At the end we knew a little about some plants of the sea and we could also touch them. Also, my favorite part of the field trip was when I saw some fish like the ones in the movie “Nemo” and some jellyfish.”

– Karla C. M. (ELD 2)


“I saw a lot of small fish swimming together according to the circle, that look like a tornado underwater, [I] can touch some animals [not] dangerous to people. I really like small fishes have many different colors, looking like a beautiful painting. I could even go out to the caves and use binoculars to see birds flying in the sea or seals on big rocks. I’m quite lucky to be one of those who see how people feed sharks, look pretty simple but I know it’s a very dangerous job.”

– Gia N. (ELD 2)


“One of the most great things in the aquarium is when we saw the jellyfish, there was different kind, colors, and size of jellyfish. Also we saw different kind of fish and seahorses, we don’t stop to take photos. Then, we walk to see more animal like penguins, octopuses, birds, stingrays and sharks. Also was an area where we can touch certain animals and plants, we saw one scorpion too when the lights turn the scorpion shines, and turtles of Baja California, Mexico. Next, we went to see all the plastic then they collect of the ocean they construct thing with the plastic what they found. After, we went to watch a short movie about the sharks and where they came.”

– Ricky G. (ELD 2)


“There were many kind of fishes, jellyfishes, and corals. What made me feel excited was the jellyfish. Many jellyfishes had different color or shape. They were dangerous to human but it also amazing. It was difficult to observe without the light. Mr. Singh showed us the tiny the strange creatures that I had never seen before. Then my group went to the next place to see the corals and plants. I was able to touch those plants and examined the different shape of them. I saw many different animal, plants, and learned many things inside the aquarium. I wish that people would protect the environment more so the animals, plans and corals of the Ocean couldn’t go to extinct by the waste that we produced.”

– Ky Han L. (ELD 2)


“It was fun because for the first time I could… see the sharks, the eels, the penguins, the marmots, the octopuses and many animals that I did not know. I could also appreciate how some of them were fed…”

– Alan Uriel M. R. (ELD 2)


“The Monterey Bay Aquarium is simply a beautiful place besides it has a super place where you can take pictures and you can also enjoy the waves and the great views that are there.”

– Angel M. (ELD 2)


“[M]y most interesting experience is seeing the African Penguins. I like penguins so I spended a lot of time to watch them. Almost the penguins was playing together on the cliff and they looked so funny with their friends. After that, they pushed each other into the water, and swam together. QingQing and me follow them and one of them came near us, they raised their hands and waved, looking like they were welcoming us. Some of them just stand and watch other people play together, then they went to sleep :). That was amazing for me, that was the first time [I] can see my favorite animal.”

– Vy N. (ELD 2)


“There are fish that live in the herd like pacific sardine, I can’t count how many these fish because its staying together their way of life, like synchronized swimmers, sardines in a school move together as one, Sea nettle, Moon jelly, there are also lived together.”

– Annie T. (ELD 2)


“There are many species of fish, but I like the sharks most, it’s beautiful but it looks quite aggressive. There are some beautiful pictures there. There are strange jellyfish, glowing jellyfish. There is a very wide beach. It was an interesting field trip for me.”

– Anh Thu P. (ELD 1)